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Bed Assist Rail

A rail that is secured between the mattress and boxspring that can be grabbed to help one get in or out of bed. The hand grip is approximately the width of a pillow and should be placed near the head of the bed.

How To Use

from a lying down position, pull on the bedrail to get to a sitting position at the edge of the bed. From here one can push off to rail to get into standing.


  • temporary and can be removable or relocated as needed.
  • inexpensive compared to other bedroom transfer aids such as a floor to ceiling pole


  • may contribute to entrapement where people get stuck in between the gap of the top rail and the mattress contributing to injury or death. Reduce this risk by installing closer to the head of the bed and minimizing the gap by wrapping a towel around it.
  • May interfere with getting obtains from a nearby night table
  • Some people experience sleeping discomfort with the board of two metal pipes that act to secure the bedrail in place underneath your mattress. If this is the case you can explore a bedrail that is drilled into your floor or wall.

Also Known As

  • bed assist rail
  • bed duches