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Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress

A remote controlled electric bed whose headrest and/or feet can angled. The height of the bed can also be lowered or raised. Used by patients with difficulty getting in or out of bed, those that require specific positions and to ease caregiver burden.


  • greater ease with getting in and out of bed
  • provides more supportive positioning to increase user comfort and ease caregiver burden while providing care
  • can utilize theraputic mattresses that have special pressure relieving properties


  • expensive
  • one cannot sleep with a spouse while in this bed
  • it is quite large and needs ample room especially when caregivers need to provide assistance from either side of the bed
  • requires electricity to function and a user may be stuck during a blackout

  • the mattress that comes with this bed is entry level and offers minimal to no support for those with pressure ulcers