Wall Mounted Flip Up Grab Bar For Home Safety

This is a grab bar that is connected to studs in the wall. It can be flipped up and out of the way or down to be used. Commonly placed near toilets or heads of the bed, where it can be used to support one with getting up into standing.

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Non Slip Stackable Bath Steps

Stackable steps that can be made taller or shorter as needed. Great for people that need several stepping points to reach high surfaces like a tall bed mattress, tub transfer bench or medical examination table at the doctor’s office.

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In Bed Hair Washing System

A plastic container that allows a caregiver to wash someone’s hair while they lie in bed. Great for people that are bed bound due to paralysis or cannot safely get out of bed. Waste water can be drained at the sink afterwards. Great for maintaining hygiene.

18 Reviews


Simply Touch Eye Drop Applicator

A tool with a long handle and a surface at one end that eye drops can be placed onto. The eye drops are then gently applied to the eye. Great for people that have difficulty administering eye drops accurately.

62 Reviews


Ultrabreathe Compact Breathing Exerciser

A tool that makes your respiratory muscles stronger and minimizes symptoms of breathlessness. The device provides an adjustable resistance as you inhale through the mouth piece and gradually improves your lung power with repeated use.

192 Reviews


Asthma Mentor Peak Flow Meter

A device used by asthma sufferers to understand their breathing pattern. When comparing results over time, one will understand their personal norm and will see when breathing is diminished more than usual. Great for tracking symptoms.

120 Reviews

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