Pulling on a tubrail to try and stand from a toilet can lead to falls or injury.

Clamp on Tubrail

A bathroom transfer aid that helps people step in and out of their bathtub / shower combos. This clamps onto the tub edge and is held there by tension / pressure. Generally used by people with minimal difficulty stepping over the tub edge.

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Bathroom Safety Rail

A rigid frame that surrounds your toilet. It is used as a toilet transfer aid, allowing an individual to push off the frame to get into standing or use it as a guide to slowly lower oneself onto the toilet.

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Versaframe Toilet Safety Rails

A transfer aid that can be used to help individuals get on and off the toilet. Great for low toilets where one needs to push off to get into standing. Can also be used by low vision individuals to help orient themselves to toilet location.

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Using a tub transfer bench is one of the safest ways to get in and out of a bathtub.

Tub Transfer Bench

A large bench that sits both inside and outside the bathtub. Individuals with difficulty stepping over the tub edge can use this to safely get in and out of their tub/shower combo from a seated position.

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Lock Box To Allow Caregivers In

A combination box that can be placed on the exterior of your home with a key inside. If provided with the code, first responders or caregivers can access your residence when you are unable to open the door ie. after a fall, etc.

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