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Sock Aid to Help with Dressing

A sock is placed on the foldable plastic and dropped on the floor while holding the two connected strands of rope on the rear of the aid. Place foot inside the aid and pull on strings to put on your socks. Great for those having difficulty with dressing.

How To Use

Put sock onto the sock aid while on your lap. Heel of sock facing down with the sock openning towards you and two ropes closer to you. Drop the sock aid onto the floor while holding onto the two ropes. Place bare foot inside and pull sock aid until sock is donned onto foot. Repeat with opposite side.


  • increased independence with lower extremity dressing.
  • allows one to maintain their hip precautions following hip surgery


  • may be difficult for users with one sided weakness or paralysis
  • may need to pratice several times before this becomes an easy task to perform