Bed MadeEz Mattress Lifter

An assistive aid to increase the ease of making one’s bed. Drape the covers over the edge of the bed and use this device to snugly tuck them underneath the mattress. Great for seniors that have difficulty with bed making of complain if general fatigue.

201 Reviews


Robotic Window Cleaner

A robot that suctions onto your window and travels along different paths until your windows are clean. Great for regular cleaning of moderate sized windows. Comes with a battery pack to maintain suction onto the window if power is lost.

11 Reviews


Lawn Mower Robot

A battery powered robot that automatically mows your lawn. When it runs low on battery or encounters rain, it returns back to its charging station. Great for anyone with a large yard that needs regular maintain.

43 Reviews


Automatic Mopping Robot

From the makers of the famous romba, this robot can automatically mop your hardwood, tile and other floors. No longer do you have to lug the pale and mop around, this robot takes care of everything. Sit back and enjoy that margarita.

1101 Reviews