Graded Range of Motion Arc

A rehab device where one moves rings from one side to the other. Found in homes and rehab facilities, it is used to help increase / maintain one’s arm and shoulder range of motion. Exercises can be done in standing or from a seated position.


Graded Pinch Exerciser

Pins that offer varying levels of resistance. Pinch the pins and move them from one metal pole to another. Great for rehab / home settings to treat hand weakness and decreased range of motion in the arms or shoulders.


Shoulder Arm Exercise Pulley Set

A pulley system that can be attached to a closet door. Used for exercises to maintain the strength and range of motion in one’s upper body. Commonly found in rehab centers or homes. Exercises can be done from seated or in standing.


Sensory Brush

A brush with soft bristles typically used as part of the Wilbarger brushing protocol. Used by therapists or caregivers on adults or children with autism or sensory integration dysfunction to help relieve feelings of distress and provide reassurance.


Digi-Flex Hand and Finger Exerciser

A hand exerciser that offers varying amounts of resistance depending on the purchased model. Can be used to strengthen individual fingers or the whole hand. Found in rehab / home settings and used by people affected by stroke or hand weakness.


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