CPAP Hose Holder to Minimize Tangles

A stand that holds the CPAP hose while one sleeps and minimizes the risk of it tangling. Great for people that have sleep apnea and tend to toss and turn in their sleep. Insert the base underneath the mattress to secure it in place.


Adjustable Blanket Support

A frame that is secured to the bed to keep covers from resting on the feet. This makes a cocoon for your feet to rest in and minimizes the weight placed on the feet during sleep. Great for people that have muscle weakness in their legs, need joint protection or had recent surgery on their lower body.


Leg Elevation Foam Support Pillow

Following certain leg, foot and knee surgeries, one is given restrictions to keep their leg elevated for a certain amount of time. This foam cut out provides the support needed to keep one’s leg elevated and follow the doctor’s recommendations.


Bedcane with Organizer

A bedrail that is secured to the bed by having a folding board underneath the mattress. This is commonly used by someone who has difficulty getting in or out of their beds, but also by those that have difficulty with weight shifting.


Bed Jet Heater and Cooling Fan

A electric device that pumps a stream of cool or warm air into the blankets of your bed based on your preferences. Seen on the popular show Shark Tank, this can provide a user with cold feet an instant way to heat up or allow them to cool down.


Folding Traveler Bedrail with Organizer Pouch

A bedrail used to help one get in and out of bed as needed. Great for travelers as this can be folded, carried in a luggage and placed on almost any bed. Also comes with an organizing pouch to keep essential items within reach.


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