Car Assist Handle

A grab bar that latches onto the inside of the car door frame and pushed off of to help people get in and out of their car. It is portable so it can be carried in a purse from one car to another or left in the glove box.


Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

A basic wheelchair meant to help a caregiver move a user a short distance within the community such as from the car to the doctor’s office. Lightweight and can be folded and placed into a car truck easily.


Medication Alarm

A device that provides auditory cues, which can be programmed at specific intervals to alert a user to take their medications. Great for people with mild memory impairment that need reminders to take their meds.


Furniture Risers

Raised wooden blocks that are placed underneath furniture feet to raise the height of low furniture and make it easier for people to get into standing. Great for people that have difficulty getting off low couches, beds or non swivel/reclining secure chairs.


Hand Held Shower Head

A shower head that is on a long cord to allow the user to clean different areas of their body’s from a seated position. Great for people that have poor standing endurance and need to sit in a chair during showers.


Suction Anti Slip Bath Mat

A rubberized mat that sits inside a bathtub or shower stall to minimize the risk of falls related to slippery wet surfaces. Over time the rubber deteriorates and needs to be replaced to ensure the mat does not slide.


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