Medline Walker Cup and Cane Holder

An accessory that attaches to a walker to hold a cup and/or cane. Great for people that sometimes need to access areas where only a cane cannot be used ie. through narrow doorways. Also helps to hold one’s beverage, leaving one’s hands free to use the walker or brace oneself against a fall.


Self Standing Cane Tip

An attachment that converts a single point cane into a large base cane. This offers increased balance and support as the large base is slightly more stable. Great for seniors and people with some mobility difficulty or slight balance impairment.


Arm Sling for Stroke and Dislocated Shoulders

Joint protection of a weak or paralysed arm and hand is important for stroke survivors. The use of a sling brings the arm and hand closer to one’s body and prevents it from striking objects within the environment and further injuring it.


Padded Palm Shield and Contracture Cushion

Following a stroke or injury, it is not uncommon for muscle loss to occur. Any resulting weakness or paralysis can lead to further joint injury or deformities if adequate protective measures are not taken. With a foam protector, one can minimize the risk of developing contractures.


Cushion Rigidizer To Reduce The Hammocking Effect

Cushions used on wheelchairs with a sling seat base have a hammocking effect that lowers their effectiveness and decreases pressure distribution. A rigidizer is inserted underneath the cushion to increase stability and provide a firm base of support to reduce hammocking.


EZ-Step Stair Climbing Cane

A cane meant to help people with trouble navigating tall steps. This cane has a built in platform that can used as an intermediate step before climbing or descending to the next level. Can also help with getting in or out of tall vehicles.


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