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Clamp on Tubrail

A bathroom transfer aid that helps people step in and out of their bathtub / shower combos. This clamps onto the tub edge and is held there by tension / pressure. Generally used by people with minimal difficulty stepping over the tub edge.

How To Use

Apply a downward force as you are side stepping in and out of your tub. At no other time should a tubrail be used. Tub rail should not be located centrally to interfere with getting in or out of the tub.


  • temporary and can be removed/relocated as needed along the tub edge
  • can be height adjustable to accommodate different user heights


  • Needs to be checked regularly as it may loosen over time and could potentially come out during use resulting in a fall or injury
  • Many people utilize this device incorrectly by pulling on it to get up from a bath chair inside the tub or from the toilet. This could loosen the tubrail and can lead to a fall.
  • Often installed in the centre of the tub edge and blocks or makes getting in and out of the tub unsafe especially if there is a bath chair or stool in the tub.
  • May not fit all tub edges such as those that are very wide edges (usually 6 inches and wider) and curved tubs.