folding bedside commode
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Folding Bedside Commode

A height adjustable toileting aid that comes with a chute, removable catch pale for waste (urine or feces) and built in arms. It can be used as a toilet at the bedside or placed on top of a low toilet to make getting on and off more easy.


  • Can be placed at the bedside for individuals that do not have the endurance to walk to the bathroom or inaccessible bathrooms (walker or wheelchair does not fit inside or through the narrow doorway)
  • This one device can replace two devices: versaframe and raised toilet seat
  • no installation
  • Most models accommodate 250 lbs, however baratric and heavy duty commodes do exist


  • Can be smelly if used at bedside. Tip: cover the catch pane with a plastic bag so the feces / urine goes in there. Then dispose of the bag as soon as possible to minimize lingering ordors
  • large and bulky, may not fit in all bathrooms as a result