Bathtub Lift Chair

A motorized unit that lowers and rises the user in their bathtub. Great for people that have difficulty getting in and out of the tub, but wish to continue soak in the water. It is remote operated and can increase one’s independence with bathing.


Nail Brush with Suction Cup Base

A brush that suctions onto a smooth flat surface. One can then rub their nails along the bristles to improve hand hygiene and maintain nail care. Great for people that have one handed weakness or paralysis that wish to engage in their own personal grooming.


Bottom Buddy Toilet Tissue Aid

An assistive aid used to help clean one’s personal / perianal area after using the toilet. This tool holds tissue at the end of a long pole to extend one’s reach to maintain hygiene after a bowel movement. Great for people with limited range of motion.


Clamp on Raised Toilet Seat (2 Inches)

A toilet seat that latches ontop of the toilet to make it taller by several inches. Great for people that have difficulty getting into standing from low surfaces or those that rely on nearby objects for support. Easily clamps onto most toilets.


Toilevator Toilet Base Riser

A supportive base that is placed underneath the toilet bowl to raise the height of the toilet overall. Great for people that have difficulty getting off low surfaces. Allows for easy clean up of the toilet bowl as it does not connect to the top.


Elongated High Rise Toilet

A toilet that is taller than most traditional models. Great for people that have difficulty with getting from seated on the toilet into a standing position. Visually appealing and does not look like an assistive aid. Great for seniors.


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