Long Reach Hair Comb

A long handled comb that can be utilized by someone that has difficulty reaching above their head to comb their hair. Can also be utilized by people that have difficulty with bending necks to lower their heads to the comb.


Vibrating Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

A special container commonly used to clean dentures and retainers. Once placed inside and bathed in a cleaning solution, the device applies vibrations through the fluid for a set amount of time to dislodge and remove dirt from the dentures.


Toilet Stool to Support Squatting Position

A small stool that wraps around the front of your toilet bowl. By placing one’s feet onto the step stool, your body posture and bowels become more in line with a natural position, thus allowing you to have a bowel movement with less effort.


Toilet Bidet with Adjustable Temperature

A non-electric mechanical based bidet that attaches to your toilet. This bidet relies on water pressure and can be controlled using a knob to adjust the water temperature from warm to cold. Great for cleaning after bowel movements.


Electric Tooth Brush

A hand held electric tooth brush that can be utilized to maintain good oral health. More importantly, it can save one’s energy and effort normally used during manual brushing. Give your muscles a rest and let the battery do the work.


Electric Razor and Hair Trimmer

A battery powered electric razor and hair trimmer that can be utilized to maintain one’s facial grooming. More importantly, this decreases the risk of cutting oneself associated with manual razors. Simply glide the machine over the hair until it is removed.


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