Vinyl Toilet Seat Cushion

A movable foam cushion that is placed on top of a toilet seat to help increase comfort. Used on seats that are especially hard and uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods or by people with little protective fat on their bums.


Ear Wax Removal Kit

A spray bottle that is filled with a solution to help cleanse one’s ears of wax. The fluid is inserted into the ear gently and the wax floats out. Great for those that complain of foggy or difficult hearing related to a moderate amount of wax.


Long Handle Back Hair Shaver

A back shaver that can be utilized by someone with difficulty reaching behind themselves. Shaver is designed to not need shaving foam and can help satisfy specific grooming needs. Large handle makes it easy to hold.


Stand Alone Hair Dryer Holder

A stand alone hair dryer holder that can be placed anywhere in the room and angled in whatever direction one wants it in. Great for those that have ample space and have difficulty with holding a hair dryer ie. Those with hand paralysis or weakness.


Pull Me Up Transfer Grip

A special circular band that stretches slightly that a user can hold onto while a caregiver pulls on the opposite end to help propel the user into a standing from a seated position. Great for those with decreased endurance that need help to stand.


Back Scratcher with Massage Ball

A back scratcher made of bamboo with a massage ball at one end. Great for those that have difficulty with reaching behind their backs and have an itch that needs satisfying.


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