Ultrabreathe Compact Breathing Exerciser

A tool that makes your respiratory muscles stronger and minimizes symptoms of breathlessness. The device provides an adjustable resistance as you inhale through the mouth piece and gradually improves your lung power with repeated use.


Asthma Mentor Peak Flow Meter

A device used by asthma sufferers to understand their breathing pattern. When comparing results over time, one will understand their personal norm and will see when breathing is diminished more than usual. Great for tracking symptoms.


Bed MadeEz Mattress Lifter

An assistive aid to increase the ease of making one’s bed. Drape the covers over the edge of the bed and use this device to snugly tuck them underneath the mattress. Great for seniors that have difficulty with bed making of complain if general fatigue.


Portable Female Urinal

A urinal designed for female users with a larger than normal opening. Great for females that have difficulty getting out of bed to go to a nearby commode or toilet. Increases personal dignity and independence. Seal prevents spillage.


Boot Jack with Rubber Grip Inlay for Easy Boot Removal

An assistive aid used to help one remove boots without having to bend over. Step on the aid with one foot to stabilize it, place the heel of the other foot in the holder and lift your foot up. Repeat with the other boot. Need good balance to use this device.


CPAP Hose Holder to Minimize Tangles

A stand that holds the CPAP hose while one sleeps and minimizes the risk of it tangling. Great for people that have sleep apnea and tend to toss and turn in their sleep. Insert the base underneath the mattress to secure it in place.


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