Karman Power Standing Wheelchair

A power wheelchair that can adjust to put the user into a standing position. Great for people that have ongoing issues with pressure ulcers on the coccyx or circulation issues. Also allows one to be more functional such as reaching for higher surfaces like cupboards.


Personal GPS Locator for Wandering

A personal GPS tracking that can be worn around one’s wrist and be used to locate the wearer as needed. Great tool for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia to locate their family member if they are at risk of wandering.


U-Step2 Walking Stablizer

A mobility aid that allows one to ambulate close to the device to decrease the risk of falling. This design offers increased stability and a seat to allow the user to rest periodically as needed. Great for people that have difficulty with walking or balance.


U-Step Walker Guiding Laser Light

A module that connects to a U step walker and projects a laser onto the floor indicating where one’s feet should be when ambulating. This will cue the user to walk close to the walker to decrease the risk of falls and increase stability.


Lumber Support for Lower Back Pain and Comfort

A simple lumbar support cushion that can be attached to almost any chair. This item helps maintain the body’s natural spinal curve. Great for people that spend a large part of their day sitting or have lower back pain.


Oval-8 Finger Splint

A finger splint that is meant to protect one’s joints. Worn over finger joints, it is great for people that have weak joints, fractures and deformities that need some support to maintain certain positions. Also commonly used by people with hypermobile joints needing increased stability.


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