Enlarged Font Playing Cards for Low Vision

Playing cards with extra large fonts and images to help those with decreased vision. While the cards themselves are the same size as a regular set, the big face values allows people with vision impairments to enjoy recreational games with friends.


500 Feet Range Caregiver Pager and Button

A wireless alert button that is worn by a user to call for assistance from a caregiver who wears the receiving pager. With a range of approximately 500 feet, this gives both people piece of mind that help can always be reached.


Hands Free Crutch

A crutch for those with a recent leg operation or leg cast who are instructed to not bare full weight on the affected side. This crutch is special because it is strapped onto one’s leg and does not require use of the hands to move from around.


Universal Standing Aid

A rigid frame that can be inserted underneath couch cusions to provide a user a place to push off of to help get into standing. Great for people that have difficulty with transfers or muscle weakness.


Big Button Television Remote

A very simple television remote with large buttons. Great for chronic channel flippers that like to punch in channel numbers. The big buttons allows people with poor vision to go through different channels and adjust the volume easily.


Memory Loss Digital Clock

A large clock that displays both time but also the full date. This helps to orient people that have difficulty with their memory to where they are in time and grants them increased independence with appointment making.


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