Big Button Cell Phone

A senior friendly cellphone with both large buttons and display. It is specifically programmed to show information in a large font to allow people with decreased vision greater independence with their communication.


ROHO Cushion for Pressure Distribution

A cushion with small air pockets that can be inflated or deflated to protect one from and heal existing pressure sores on one’s bottom. Considered the gold standard for reducing risk of coccyx wounds and promoting their healing.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice to Text Software

A piece of software that can be installed on computers to allow a user to interface and write using spoken language. Great for people that are cognitively intact but have difficulty with their hands or paralysis in their upper body.


Typing Aid

A fabric strap connected to one’s hand with an attachable poker that can be used to type on a keyboard. Great for people with decreased fine motor abilities or paralysis in the fingers / hand, but still have intact coordination and strength at the wrist level.


Transfer Disc

A fairly flat turning disc that someone stands on and can have their body’s turned easily to sit at an adjacent surface or chair. Great for people that are able to stand but need assistance from someone else with turning their body.


Pull Me Up Transfer Grip

A special circular band that stretches slightly that a user can hold onto while a caregiver pulls on the opposite end to help propel the user into a standing from a seated position. Great for those with decreased endurance that need help to stand.


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