Sliding Wooden Transfer Board

A wooden board that is placed underneath a person with the other end resting on a similar height surface. One can then weight shift / slide across until they reach the other side. Great for those that have difficulty standing.


Overbed Table With Tilting Top

A height adjustable overbed table that can be used by someone that is bedrest or spends extended period of time in a chair. Because this table can tilt it can allow the user a great view of any table top activities or meals.


Hand Bell for Calling Caregivers

The classic bell that can be shaken to alert nearby caregivers that one needs something. Seen in many movies and cartoons, now you can get one too. Just be careful, if used too often, it may become less effective at summoning help.


Call Buttons and Wireless Caregiver Pager

A battery operated call button that van be pushed by the wearing user to send an alert to a nearby caregiver to ask for assistance. Great for people that are bed bound or unsafe in walking without a caregiver present.


Large Button Phone With Talking Caller ID

A phone with large buttons and auditory prompts that helps people with visual impairments be more independent. It also announces who is calling if one has caller ID. With adjustable volumes and speaker phone, it is great for anyone that is hard of hearing.


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