Floor to Ceiling Pole With Horizontal Bar

A pole from the floor to the ceiling that comes with a horizontal bar that rotates and locks at set intervals. This device is pulled on to help people get into standing or used for support to pivot around the pole to sit on another surface.


Long Handled Reacher

A plastic piece of equipment with a grabbing claw at the end of a long shaft. Can be used to grab things from tall cupboards or off the floor. Other uses include helping to put on one’s pants or remove one’s shoes.


Motion Activated Night Light

A light that is motion activated for the purposes of improving visual conditions at night. Great for preventing falls within bedrooms, hallways, bathrooms and other rooms that are commonly frequented at night.


Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole

A pole that is held by tension from the floor to the ceiling that the user can pull to help get into standing from a sitting position. Commonly found in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.


Mechanical Patient Lift

An electric powered piece of equipment that is used by a caregiver to reposition or move a user from one surface to another. Great for people that cannot transfer on their own related to weakness or illness.


Electric Powered Scooter

An electric powered vehicle that a person commonly uses for community access (ie. purchasing groceries, attending local doctor’s appointments, etc) or moving within their own home if spaces are large and doorways are wide.


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