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Long Handled Reacher

A plastic piece of equipment with a grabbing claw at the end of a long shaft. Can be used to grab things from tall cupboards or off the floor. Other uses include helping to put on one’s pants or remove one’s shoes.

How To Use

Commonly used to grab items off the floor for people that cannot bend over or have bending restrictions following hip fractures and hip replacements. Can also be used for lower extremity dressing and undressing ie. Putting on pants and taking socks off.


  • allows you to maintain hip precautions
  • can pick up items from the floor
  • different lengths of reachers exist to accommodate different people


  • can only be utilized with picking up light weight objects
  • the longer the reacher, the more difficult it is to pick something up
  • is not a substitute for picking up objects that require fine motor abilities (ie. Picking up coins)