Female Velcro Shoes

Velcro is used as a replacement for shoe laces when the user is anticipated to have difficulty with tying laces. Great alternative for those that have difficulty with fine motor tasks or arthritis.


Anti Slip Socks

Socks with anti slip rubber on the soles that can prevent falls related to sliding on slippery floors. Great for people that choose not to wear shoes or are unable to wear comfortably due to swelling in their feet and have hardwood, laminate or tile.


Zipper Hook and Button Hook

A hook with a built up handle that allows people with weakness or paralysis in one hand to do or undo zippers of their pants, sweaters and coats. Great for people with arthritis or stroke.


Button Hook to Help with Dressing

An assistive aid with a built up handle that allows someone with poor fine motor abilities to secure buttons on their shirts. Also great for those that have had stroke where they have weakness or paralysis on one side of their body.


Universal Cuff For Greater Independence

A fabric strap that is secured to one’s hand or wrist. It contains a pocket which allows one to put eating utensils or other tools like pencils inside and allow those with little or no hand grasp strength or fine motor abilities to be independent.


Gripper Socks

Special socks that have rubber gripping pads on the underside to prevent slipping. This is commonly used in the hospital when people do not have any footware with them, but can also be used within the home to decrease fall risks in some situations.


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