Long Handled Shoe Horn

A piece of plastic that has a curved edge at the end of a long shaft that can be used to help one with putting on shoes. Great for people that have difficulty bending over or hip replacement patients.


No Tying Needed Elastic Laces

Shoe laces that have elastic tension and tighten onto a shoe without needing to be tied. Can be put on any shoes that has laces. Great for people with poor fine motor abilities or arthritis.


Sock Aid to Help with Dressing

A sock is placed on the foldable plastic and dropped on the floor while holding the two connected strands of rope on the rear of the aid. Place foot inside the aid and pull on strings to put on your socks. Great for those having difficulty with dressing.


Long Handled Reacher

A plastic piece of equipment with a grabbing claw at the end of a long shaft. Can be used to grab things from tall cupboards or off the floor. Other uses include helping to put on one’s pants or remove one’s shoes.


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