Large Magnifying Glass with LED Light

A large magnifying glass with LED light bulb to allow you to see and read tiny words even at night or poor visual conditions. Great for people with macular degeneration or just difficulty with reading fine print.


Reclining Chair Extension Handle

An extension that can be secured to one’s reclining chair arm to bring the handle within reach of the seated user. Great for people that have difficulty with bending or arm strength.


Easy Key Turner

A piece of plastic that goes over a key. This plastic holder is meant to increase the surface area a user has to use when holding and turning the key within a lock. In essence, it allows people with poor fine motor skills to use of keys more easily.


Medical Step Stool

A small step stool that can be used by someone to get into a tall bed or to reach for objects stored in tall cupboards in the kitchen or laundry room. The surface of the stool is lined with gripping material to decrease risk of falls. A common item seen in doctor’s offices.


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