Heat Resistant Gloves

A pair of heavy duty heat resistant gloves that can be utilized for handling trays and other items on the BBQ or oven. Great for protecting one’s hands from burns. A great gift for seniors and adults alike.


Enlarged Font Playing Cards for Low Vision

Playing cards with extra large fonts and images to help those with decreased vision. While the cards themselves are the same size as a regular set, the big face values allows people with vision impairments to enjoy recreational games with friends.


Big Button Television Remote

A very simple television remote with large buttons. Great for chronic channel flippers that like to punch in channel numbers. The big buttons allows people with poor vision to go through different channels and adjust the volume easily.


Dragon Naturally Speaking Voice to Text Software

A piece of software that can be installed on computers to allow a user to interface and write using spoken language. Great for people that are cognitively intact but have difficulty with their hands or paralysis in their upper body.


Typing Aid

A fabric strap connected to one’s hand with an attachable poker that can be used to type on a keyboard. Great for people with decreased fine motor abilities or paralysis in the fingers / hand, but still have intact coordination and strength at the wrist level.


Push Down Table Top Scissors with Base

Scissors that are secured onto a base that allows a user with one hand to cut paper or another thin object. The base holds the scissors upright and the item that will be cut while the user can push down on a large handle to slice something in half.


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