Calculator with Large Buttons and Display

A calculator that has larger buttons and display. Great for those that have decreased vision related to aging or other conditions. Also excellent for those with arthritis or decreased fine motor skills that require larger buttons to press.


Universal Cuff For Greater Independence

A fabric strap that is secured to one’s hand or wrist. It contains a pocket which allows one to put eating utensils or other tools like pencils inside and allow those with little or no hand grasp strength or fine motor abilities to be independent.


Pencil and Pen Handgrips

A cheap and inexpensive alternative to making almost any pen or pencil easier to use. This piece of rubber is placed over a writing tool, making it easier to hold as there is more surface area to grab onto. Great for those with arthritis.


Fat Pens for Arthritis and Hand Pain

A pen with a large built up handle. The larger the surface area is, the more there is to grab and hold onto as a user writes. This allows a user to more easily write and increase their independence. Great for those with arthritis.


Large Handled Paint Brushes

A paint brush typically used by children with underdeveloped hand coordination and strength can similarly be used by arthritis sufferers or those with hand weakness. The larger handle means more control during painting those masterpieces.


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