Folding Traveler Bedrail with Organizer Pouch

A bedrail used to help one get in and out of bed as needed. Great for travelers as this can be folded, carried in a luggage and placed on almost any bed. Also comes with an organizing pouch to keep essential items within reach.


Neck Pillow

A pillow that wraps around one’s neck to provide additional support and comfort to one’s neck muscles. Great for anyone that fatigues easily or complains of pain related to maintaining one’s natural head position for an extended period of time.


Sit Up In Bed Assistive Strap

A strap that is generally connected to the foot of the bed that one can pull on to go from a lying down position in bed to a sitting up position. Great for those with decreased strength and endurance that have a strong ability to pull.


Sheepskin Heel Protector

A heel protector made of sheepskin whose purpose is to promote healing of pressure sore or ulcers located on one’s heel. This is generally considered a gold standard treatment for heel sores.


Alternating Pressure Mattress

A therapeutic mattress commonly used in hospital beds by people that cannot weight shift or reposition on their own. By alternating the amount of pressure through a pump this mattress decreases one’s risk of developing pressure sores.


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