Tub Transfer Bench With Sliding Seat

A bench that sits inside and outside the bathtub. The seat can swivel and slide making this an excellent choice for people with difficulty weight shifting or stepping over tub edges.


Bed Alarm with Sensor Pad

A mat that a user sits or lies on. When a user attempts to stand on their own the mat produces an audible noise to alert nearby caregivers. Great for people that need assistance with standing and/or walking.


Swivel Seat Cushion

A cushion that can be placed in a car seat or chair that allows a person to easily turn their body from a seated position. Excellent for those that have difficulty weight shifting to adjust their position. Commonly used by patients of hip surgery.


Hydraulic Lifting Cushon

A cushion that is placed on top of a secure chair. When a seated user wishes to stand, the device is triggered and it gently propels the user forward into a semi standing position. Great for people that have difficulty getting into standing.


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