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Versaframe Toilet Safety Rails

A transfer aid that can be used to help individuals get on and off the toilet. Great for low toilets where one needs to push off to get into standing. Can also be used by low vision individuals to help orient themselves to toilet location.

How To Use

Use the arm or arms to slowly lower onto the toilet. To get into standing, push off the arm or arms.


  • height adjustable arms accommodate different heights of their users
  • width adjustable arms accommodate different waists of their users
  • arms are removable to allow users to use either the left or right arm only


  • weight limits are generally 250 lbs
  • may not fit in tight spaces where toilets are immediately surrounded by counters, bathtubs, walls, etc
  • may not connect to all toilet bowls

Also Known As

  • Toilet safety frame
  • toilet versaframe
  • toilet arms
  • versaframe arms