Hemi One Arm Walker – Side Style

A four point side walker used to help support individuals with poor balance and mobility difficulties. It is used like a cane, but offers greater stability due to its larger base. Great for people affected by stroke and those with weakness or paralysis in one hand or arm.


Transport Hitch for Electric Wheelchair

A small ramp foldable ramp that leads to a raised platform connected to the rear of a vehicle. This can be utilized to transport powered wheelchairs or scooters that cannot be folded easily and placed inside a car. Great for long distance trips.


Lift N Go Raising Platform for Wheelchair Transport

A platform that lowers to ground level and raises for transport. Connects to the rear of a vehicle and can be utilized to transport power wheelchairs or scooters that cannot fit inside a car. Great for long distance trips outside one’s local community.


Hands Free Crutch

A crutch for those with a recent leg operation or leg cast who are instructed to not bare full weight on the affected side. This crutch is special because it is strapped onto one’s leg and does not require use of the hands to move from around.


Shoe Balancer

Balance can be affected when wearing an immobilizer boot or cast as it adds a certain amount of height to the affected foot. This shoe balancer is worn under the unaffected side’s shoe to normalize the height and restore balance.


Toe Sock Cover for Casts

A leg cast typically comes with an opening for the toes for easy inspection of blood circulation and to allow the leg to breath. However, the exposed toes could feel cold if exposed to the elements. This toe sock cover can help stop that.


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