Vibrating Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

A special container commonly used to clean dentures and retainers. Once placed inside and bathed in a cleaning solution, the device applies vibrations through the fluid for a set amount of time to dislodge and remove dirt from the dentures.


Electric Tooth Brush

A hand held electric tooth brush that can be utilized to maintain good oral health. More importantly, it can save one’s energy and effort normally used during manual brushing. Give your muscles a rest and let the battery do the work.


Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets

A cleaning product commonly used for retainers and dentures alike. Great for increasing one’s oral hygiene by keeping dentures and retainers free of dirt and bacterial build up. Used daily it helps keep one’s devices fresh and clean.


Denture Cleaning Case

A large container meant to hold dentures or retainers while immersed in a cleaning solution. While it offers no special features other than a place to put one’s dentures for cleaning, it is easy to clean.