Talking Wrist Watch

A wrist based watch that can speak the current time with the press of a button. This is a great tool for those that have low vision or are blind who need to know the time to keep appointments and attend other important events.


500 Feet Range Caregiver Pager and Button

A wireless alert button that is worn by a user to call for assistance from a caregiver who wears the receiving pager. With a range of approximately 500 feet, this gives both people piece of mind that help can always be reached.


Pull Cord Fall Alert System

A wall mounted device that has a pull cord that alerts a caregiver that assistance is needed once the cord is pulled. Usually installed in areas where falls are common such as near beds and in bathrooms


Big Button Cell Phone

A senior friendly cellphone with both large buttons and display. It is specifically programmed to show information in a large font to allow people with decreased vision greater independence with their communication.


Call Buttons and Wireless Caregiver Pager

A battery operated call button that van be pushed by the wearing user to send an alert to a nearby caregiver to ask for assistance. Great for people that are bed bound or unsafe in walking without a caregiver present.


Hand Bell for Calling Caregivers

The classic bell that can be shaken to alert nearby caregivers that one needs something. Seen in many movies and cartoons, now you can get one too. Just be careful, if used too often, it may become less effective at summoning help.


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