NOVA Walker Glide Skis

Walker glides attached to the rear legs of a four point or two wheeled walker makes the device easier to push forward and maneuver. This is great for someone that has good control of the mobility aid, but has some difficulty with lifting or propelling it during ambulation.


NOVA Traveler 3 Wheeled Rollator Walker

A rollator walker with three wheels made to boost one’s endurance for ambulation. There is no seat for resting and the small base of support makes it less stable compared to other walkers. However it houses a sizable amount of storage, making it ideal for grocery shopping.


Medline Walker Cup and Cane Holder

An accessory that attaches to a walker to hold a cup and/or cane. Great for people that sometimes need to access areas where only a cane cannot be used ie. through narrow doorways. Also helps to hold one’s beverage, leaving one’s hands free to use the walker or brace oneself against a fall.


Self Standing Cane Tip

An attachment that converts a single point cane into a large base cane. This offers increased balance and support as the large base is slightly more stable. Great for seniors and people with some mobility difficulty or slight balance impairment.


Cushion Rigidizer To Reduce The Hammocking Effect

Cushions used on wheelchairs with a sling seat base have a hammocking effect that lowers their effectiveness and decreases pressure distribution. A rigidizer is inserted underneath the cushion to increase stability and provide a firm base of support to reduce hammocking.


Retractable Oxygen Tubing To Minimize Trips

Retractable tubing for home oxygen therapy users. Meant to decrease falls resulting from trips on tubing normally sprawled across the floor. The tube’s natural tension pulls it into a compact spiral when not need, but can be stretched up to 15 feet.


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