Jamar Hand Dynamometer to Measure Grip Strength

A device that measures one’s hand grasp strength. This tool assesses one’s progress through hand rehabilitation following injury or illness such as stroke and deconditioning. Commonly found in rehab centers that attempt to retrain weakened muscles.


Ultrabreathe Compact Breathing Exerciser

A tool that makes your respiratory muscles stronger and minimizes symptoms of breathlessness. The device provides an adjustable resistance as you inhale through the mouth piece and gradually improves your lung power with repeated use.


Asthma Mentor Peak Flow Meter

A device used by asthma sufferers to understand their breathing pattern. When comparing results over time, one will understand their personal norm and will see when breathing is diminished more than usual. Great for tracking symptoms.


Oval-8 Finger Splint

A finger splint that is meant to protect one’s joints. Worn over finger joints, it is great for people that have weak joints, fractures and deformities that need some support to maintain certain positions. Also commonly used by people with hypermobile joints needing increased stability.


Stacking Cones Rehab Tool

Plastic cones that are meant to be stacked on top of each other. This is a beginner level exercise used by patients to improve or maintain range of motion in the shoulders and arms. Also a great tool for improving hand eye coordination.


Power Web Finger Arm Exerciser

Used for strength retraining in home and rehab settings to help patients recover hand and motor function. Great for stroke sufferers or people with hand weakness. Place fingers through the holes and attempt to pull, squeeze and twist to improve strength.


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