ARK Z-Vibe Oral Stimulator for Speech and Feeding

A therapeutic tool used to provide vibratory and tactile input to one’s oral muscles. Great for people with speech, feeding and sensory integration issues. Helps bring focus and attention back to oral muscles as they are trained and conditioned.


One Way Straws For People that Cannot Maintain Suction

A straw that helps control the flow rate of fluids for people that have difficulty generating or maintaining suction. This allows fluid to work its way up the straw and prevents it from emptying back into the cup. Great for those with poor oral muscle control.


SafeStraw Drinking Aid for Dysphagia

A straw that limits the amount of fluid taken into the mouth at one time. This can be used to minimize the risk of choking and aspirations. It is a great tool for anyone with swallowing issues or poor oral muscle control.


Rocker Knife for Increasing Feeding Independence

A utensil that is grasped by a whole hand and rocked back and forth to cut tough foods. Great for people that cannot coordinate the use of a fork and knife at the same time. Useful for one handed weakness or paralysis such as stroke sufferers.