Collapsible Water Dam Threshold For Roll-in Showers

A rubberized barrier that is used to contain water within a roll in shower. Placed along the entrance, a wheeled shower commode compresses the barrier as it passes over. Afterwards, the barrier resumes its original shape and prevents water from exiting the shower.


Personal GPS Locator for Wandering

A personal GPS tracking that can be worn around one’s wrist and be used to locate the wearer as needed. Great tool for caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s or dementia to locate their family member if they are at risk of wandering.


Lumber Support for Lower Back Pain and Comfort

A simple lumbar support cushion that can be attached to almost any chair. This item helps maintain the body’s natural spinal curve. Great for people that spend a large part of their day sitting or have lower back pain.


Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Nightlight

A motion activated sensor that illuminates a light secured on the inside of the toilet bowl. This battery powered device is great for seniors or individuals at risk of falls due to poor lighting conditions. This tool is a simple way to improve night visibility.


Doormatic Automatic Door Opener

A device that attaches to one’s door and can be activated to either push or pull the door open. Simply open the door slightly and the device will do the rest. An optional remote control can be purchased as needed.


Doorknob Extender

A doorknob extension handle that can be added to round doorknobs to make them easier to open. Greater ease with opening doors for those that normally have difficulty grasping and turning round doorknobs. Good for arthritis sufferers.


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