Wall Mounted Flip Up Grab Bar For Home Safety

This is a grab bar that is connected to studs in the wall. It can be flipped up and out of the way or down to be used. Commonly placed near toilets or heads of the bed, where it can be used to support one with getting up into standing.


Non Slip Stackable Bath Steps

Stackable steps that can be made taller or shorter as needed. Great for people that need several stepping points to reach high surfaces like a tall bed mattress, tub transfer bench or medical examination table at the doctor’s office.


Bathtub Lift Chair

A motorized unit that lowers and rises the user in their bathtub. Great for people that have difficulty getting in and out of the tub, but wish to continue soak in the water. It is remote operated and can increase one’s independence with bathing.


Stand Assist Patient Transport

A transfer aid used by a caregiver to relocate someone from one surface to another. Typically used by people that have difficulty with safely moving on their own or with the help of a caregiver only. This mechanical aid reduces risk of falls when used correctly.


Bedcane with Organizer

A bedrail that is secured to the bed by having a folding board underneath the mattress. This is commonly used by someone who has difficulty getting in or out of their beds, but also by those that have difficulty with weight shifting.


Universal Standing Aid

A rigid frame that can be inserted underneath couch cusions to provide a user a place to push off of to help get into standing. Great for people that have difficulty with transfers or muscle weakness.


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