Canson Digital Magnifier

An electronic device that is placed over written text or images that projects a zoomed picture of these items onto a computer monitor. Great for those that have macular degeneration or other eye conditions requiring larger font or images to see.


Reading Glasses with Carrying Case

As we age our eye sight loses clarity for fine print. Due to a loss of elasticity in one’s eyeballs and other factors, the elderly tend to rely more and more on reading glasses. This set also comes with a handy carrying case to protect your spectacles.


Large Magnifying Glass with LED Light

A large magnifying glass with LED light bulb to allow you to see and read tiny words even at night or poor visual conditions. Great for people with macular degeneration or just difficulty with reading fine print.


Foot Page Turner for Digital Books

A foot operated mechanism that connects to one’s IPad, android or other digital book reader and can be used to turn pages. A user with poor hand fine motor abilities or paralysis can be set up with a book and then independently turn the pages.


Page Turner for Physical Books

A universal cuff strap that is connected to one’s hand which has a stick rubber tip on one end. This can be used by someone to turn pages in physical books or magazines. Great for people with partial paralysis or weakness in the hand.