LiveFine Automatic Pill Dispenser

A medication organizer that rings to cue its user for dosage times. Great for people with some memory impairment or have difficulty understanding med packs. Only one slot opens at a time and presents the meds to be taken.


Hamilton CapTel Real Time Captioned Telephone

An adaptive telephone that transcribes the other caller’s speech into a built in display as written text. Great communication tool for the hearing impaired that wish to socialize or manage their own telephone calls and appointments.


Jamar Hand Dynamometer to Measure Grip Strength

A device that measures one’s hand grasp strength. This tool assesses one’s progress through hand rehabilitation following injury or illness such as stroke and deconditioning. Commonly found in rehab centers that attempt to retrain weakened muscles.


NOVA Walker Glide Skis

Walker glides attached to the rear legs of a four point or two wheeled walker makes the device easier to push forward and maneuver. This is great for someone that has good control of the mobility aid, but has some difficulty with lifting or propelling it during ambulation.


NOVA Traveler 3 Wheeled Rollator Walker

A rollator walker with three wheels made to boost one’s endurance for ambulation. There is no seat for resting and the small base of support makes it less stable compared to other walkers. However it houses a sizable amount of storage, making it ideal for grocery shopping.


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