Collapsible Water Dam Threshold For Roll-in Showers

A rubberized barrier that is used to contain water within a roll in shower. Placed along the entrance, a wheeled shower commode compresses the barrier as it passes over. Afterwards, the barrier resumes its original shape and prevents water from exiting the shower.


Thick Bath Pillow For Increasing Comfort

A cushion that sits within the bathtub to make lying down more comfortable. This provides the user with a headrest and decreases pain associated with sitting on a hard acrylic or iron tub. Great for seniors that love bathing and soaking in a tub.


In Bed Hair Washing System

A plastic container that allows a caregiver to wash someone’s hair while they lie in bed. Great for people that are bed bound due to paralysis or cannot safely get out of bed. Waste water can be drained at the sink afterwards. Great for maintaining hygiene.


Bathtub Lift Chair

A motorized unit that lowers and rises the user in their bathtub. Great for people that have difficulty getting in and out of the tub, but wish to continue soak in the water. It is remote operated and can increase one’s independence with bathing.


Automatic Soap Dispenser to Prevent Spread of Germs

A touch free soap dispenser. Simply put your hand in front of the sensor and a controlled amount of soap is dispensed into your palm. Great for health conscious people that worry about getting germs that are commonly found on push button dispensers and surfaces.


Automatic Faucet Addon to Prevent Spread of Germs

An addon that connects to a regular faucet to convert it into an automatic faucet. Place hands in front of the motion sensory and water is dispensed automatically. Great way to minimize touching potentially dirty surfaces and taps.


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