Collapsible Water Dam Threshold For Roll-in Showers

A rubberized barrier that is used to contain water within a roll in shower. Placed along the entrance, a wheeled shower commode compresses the barrier as it passes over. Afterwards, the barrier resumes its original shape and prevents water from exiting the shower.


Wall Mounted Flip Up Grab Bar For Home Safety

This is a grab bar that is connected to studs in the wall. It can be flipped up and out of the way or down to be used. Commonly placed near toilets or heads of the bed, where it can be used to support one with getting up into standing.


Non Slip Stackable Bath Steps

Stackable steps that can be made taller or shorter as needed. Great for people that need several stepping points to reach high surfaces like a tall bed mattress, tub transfer bench or medical examination table at the doctor’s office.


Thick Bath Pillow For Increasing Comfort

A cushion that sits within the bathtub to make lying down more comfortable. This provides the user with a headrest and decreases pain associated with sitting on a hard acrylic or iron tub. Great for seniors that love bathing and soaking in a tub.


Portable Female Urinal

A urinal designed for female users with a larger than normal opening. Great for females that have difficulty getting out of bed to go to a nearby commode or toilet. Increases personal dignity and independence. Seal prevents spillage.


Motion Activated Toilet Bowl Nightlight

A motion activated sensor that illuminates a light secured on the inside of the toilet bowl. This battery powered device is great for seniors or individuals at risk of falls due to poor lighting conditions. This tool is a simple way to improve night visibility.


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