Spill Proof Kennedy Cup

A spill proof cup that is great for people that have difficulty holding cups for extended periods of time. Great for people with decreased motor strength or control. Can contribute to greater independence with meal time and less spillage.


Stand Mixer for Meal Preparation

A mixing stand with a large bowl that relies on electric power to mix one’s ingredients. Great any avid cooker or anyone that has difficulty mixing by hand. The mixer tilts away for easy access to the bowl and can be cleaned easily.


Self Stirring Mug

A special cup that uses batteries to stir one’s drink. Great for people that love hot coffee, tea or other fluids that require stirring, but have endurance difficulty associated with continuously stirring or are perpetually busy and looking to multi task.


Electric Wine Bottle Opener

A battery powered electric wine bottle opener that is latched onto the top of the bottle and the cork is pulled out automatically. Great for those that have difficulty using traditional corkers or just want to enjoy a new method for bottle opening.


Champagne Bottle Opener

A champagne bottle opener that latches over the cork and can be used to open the bottle in a controlled fashion. Great for people that have decreased hand or arm strength.


Easy Egg Cracker Tool

An kitchen aid that helps one to easily separate the shell from an egg. Simply put the egg in the clamp and use the handle to extract the shell from the egg. This inexpesive tool works well at preventing tiny pieces of shell from reaching your food.


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