Bed Alarm with Sensor Pad

A mat that a user sits or lies on. When a user attempts to stand on their own the mat produces an audible noise to alert nearby caregivers. Great for people that need assistance with standing and/or walking.


Body Pillow

A soft pillow that is tall but usually narrow. Great for maintaining a natural posture when side lying and is often used by patients of hip replacement surgeries to maintain their hip precautions during sleep.


Bed Assist Rail

A rail that is secured between the mattress and boxspring that can be grabbed to help one get in or out of bed. The hand grip is approximately the width of a pillow and should be placed near the head of the bed.


Height Adjustable Bedrail

A stationary bedrail that has a pair of metal bars that go underneath the mattress, but also a pair of feet touching the floor for additional support. The rail itself is height adjustable and can be used by someone with difficulty getting in or out of bed.


Electric Hospital Bed with Mattress

A remote controlled electric bed whose headrest and/or feet can angled. The height of the bed can also be lowered or raised. Used by patients with difficulty getting in or out of bed, those that require specific positions and to ease caregiver burden.


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