Extra Thick High Seat Cushion

A built up seat cushion meant to increase the height of low chairs. Great for people on hip precautions following surgery or those that have difficulty with getting into standing from low chairs. A taller seat means one is sitting taller and it is easier to stand.


Perch Stool

A height adjustable stool with arms that is utilized by people with decreased standing endurance. Commonly used in the bathroom during brushing teeth, shaving or applying make up at the sink. Also used at kitchen counters during meal prep.


Floor to Ceiling Pole With Horizontal Bar

A pole from the floor to the ceiling that comes with a horizontal bar that rotates and locks at set intervals. This device is pulled on to help people get into standing or used for support to pivot around the pole to sit on another surface.


Floor to Ceiling Transfer Pole

A pole that is held by tension from the floor to the ceiling that the user can pull to help get into standing from a sitting position. Commonly found in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms.


Two Wheeled Walker

An aluminum frame with two wheels at the front that can be utilized to support one’s mobility and decrease the risk of falls within the home. The rear has rubber feet which increases stability as one transfers into standing from seated.


Four Wheeled Rollator Walker with Seat

A metal frame with four wheels that helps a person with decreased balance and increases their walking tolerance. Has lockable brakes to prevent the walker from running away and a seat to allow the user to rest as needed.


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