Compression Sock Donning Frame

A wire frame that one stretches and puts the compression stocking over to expose the opening. Then the user places their feet inside and the stocking is donned. Great for those people that have difficulty with muscle endurance.


Stainless Steel Long Handled Shoe Horn

A long handled shoe horn that one can use to put on their shoes with minimal to no bending at the hip. Great for those with arthritis or those on hip precautions following a recent hip replacement. Simple and effective to use.


Bra Angel to Help with Dressing

A device that is worn around the neck of a female with one handed weakness or paralysis to help put on a bra. The item has a small clip that can be used to hold the bra strap while the other end is hooked in. Great for stroke sufferers.


Neck Pillow

A pillow that wraps around one’s neck to provide additional support and comfort to one’s neck muscles. Great for anyone that fatigues easily or complains of pain related to maintaining one’s natural head position for an extended period of time.


Sheepskin Heel Protector

A heel protector made of sheepskin whose purpose is to promote healing of pressure sore or ulcers located on one’s heel. This is generally considered a gold standard treatment for heel sores.


Male Velcro Shoes

Velcro is used as a replacement for shoe laces when the user is anticipated to have difficulty with tying laces. Great alternative for those that have difficulty with fine motor tasks or arthritis.


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