Large Print and Highly Contrasting Keyboard

A special keyboard for those with impaired or decreased vision. The buttons have large print and highly contrasting colors which make it easy to see and is an excellent choice for any tech savy senior. Also great for those with macular degeneration.


Adult Coloring Books

Coloring books filled with varying degrees of details and designs can be used to occupy oneself for hours and hours. Simply take pencil crayons or gel pens and color away. It has been claimed to be an excellent stress relieving activity.


Puzzle Activity Books

A great way to keep the mind active and occupied with learning new things. Stay sharp well into your later years of life by completing puzzles and other logic based games like sudoku, crosswords and word searches.


Hand Warming Packs

A warming pack that can be placed within someone’s gloves or applied onto hands directly. Commonly used on cold winter days to keep one’s hands toasty warm or left in cars in case of an emergency. Activates upon exposure to air.


One Handed Tape Dispenser

A tape holder that can dispense tape and be cut at specfic lengths with the use of one hand. Great for people with one sided weakness or paralysis such as those affected by stroke. Used in the office or in a home business that ships regularly.


Cut Resistant Gloves

A pair of gloves that are resistant to cuts. This is best used as an additional safety measure for people that have difficulty with hand control or coordination within the context of meal preparation. Great for minimizing accidental knife cuts on the hands.


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