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Bathroom Safety Rail

A rigid frame that surrounds your toilet. It is used as a toilet transfer aid, allowing an individual to push off the frame to get into standing or use it as a guide to slowly lower oneself onto the toilet.

How To Use

Apply equal force on both sides of the frame to slowly lower themselves onto the toilet. Similarly, from a seated position, apply equal pressure to both arms to get into a standing position.


  • Fits toilets where versaframes cannot be bolted onto the toilet bowl


  • Because this is not bolted to anything, it makes it unstable and can potentially tip if equal force is not applied to both arms at the same time.
  • This is significantly wider than a versaframe and may not fit all toilets, especially those in tight spaces. Consider the use of grab bars.

Also Known As

  • stand alone toilet safety frame
  • stand alone versaframe