One Handed Carrying Tray

With one hand, numerous items can be carried using this tray from one location to another. Great for people with one sided weakness or paralysis that need to move meals from kitchen to living room, etc. Great for reducing drink and food spillage.


Tiltable Bed Serving Tray

A bed serving tray that is tiltable. When combined with some grip, it provides a better view of activities from a lying position in bed. Great for people that are bed bound that wish to participate in table top activities.


Steady Writing Pen

An assistive aid that allows a person to rest their hand while writing. This makes writing more easy and legible. Great for people with decreased fine motor abilities or grip strength such as those affected by arthritis.


Writing Aid for Arthritis Sufferers

An assistive aid that is shaped like a ball for people with decreased fine motor abilities or grip strength that can be used to improve writing legibility and ease of writing. Great for people with arthritis and hand weakness.


Loop Scissors

Scissors that have a spring in them which causes them to open after each cut. In essence you do not have to reset the scissors in an open position as it does it on its own. This is great for people with decreased endurance or arthritis.


Universal Cuff For Greater Independence

A fabric strap that is secured to one’s hand or wrist. It contains a pocket which allows one to put eating utensils or other tools like pencils inside and allow those with little or no hand grasp strength or fine motor abilities to be independent.


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