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Tub Transfer Bench

A large bench that sits both inside and outside the bathtub. Individuals with difficulty stepping over the tub edge can use 0this to safely get in and out of their tub/shower combo from a seated position.

How To Use

Sit on the part of tub transfer bench that is on the exterior of the tub. Turn and lift feet (or have someone help lift feet) over tub edge so you are now facing the faucet. Scoot over until you are at the backrest. Do the reverse to get out.


  • more safe than stepping over the tub edge
  • risk of falls decreased as you transfer into the bathtub from a seated position
  • built in backrest allows some people with poor sitting balance to maintain a safe posture
  • most benches have a built in arm on the side that is inside the tub. This can be used for support to get into standing to engage in pericare (washing groin and anus)


  • big bulky equipment that may interfere with getting to the toilet (especially in small bathrooms). Consider other bathroom transfer aids if needed.
  • does not support baths (despite its name). Should only to be used for showers. Consider a bath lift if you wish to have actual baths.
  • water splashes outside the tub as it sits both inside and outside. This can make your floors very slippery when getting out and can increase your fall risk. Consider purchasing cheap shower curtains and cutting a slit into it so you can tuck it in between the bench seat. Also consider wiping the floor off with a towel and letting it dry before exiting the bench.
  • cannot be used when shower doors are installed. Consider removing doors and installing curtains.

Also known as

  • bath bench
  • transfer bench
  • bath transfer bench